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Sessions are delivered either in groups or on a 1-2-1 basis by arrangement. We use unique creative projects, tailored to individual clients, to maximise engagement. Our work can focus on overall development or on particular areas where help is needed.


These sessions are for individual coaching with no other persons present apart from Nikki and the client's parent or carer - ideal for those who are easily distracted or who may struggle in group settings.

Please note that we require a parent or carer to remain with the client at all times. We do not run any sessions for minor or vulnerable individuals with no parent or carer in attendance.

Please contact us to make an appointment


These sessions are for those who are not so easily distracted or who do not require an intense level of individual coaching.

Developmental sessions for children with learning differences will
be attended by a maximum of 4-6 children, plus parents and carers.

Please note that we require a parent or carer to remain with the client at all times. We do not run any sessions for minor or vulnerable individuals with no parent or carer in attendance.

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We also hold group hobby sessions where we teach various crafting techniques, for adults and children over 12, where the children are accompanied by a parent or carer. We can accommodate up to 12 people in these classes.
Please note that we require a parent or carer to remain with minors at all times. We do not run any sessions for any children with no parent or carer in attendance.

All classes include unlimited cold drink, tea, coffee and biscuits. Our Food Hygiene certificates are available to view.

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About Us

What We Do

We use a wide range of targeted developmental techniques during the course of doing arts and crafts projects, in order to work on the skills needed for reading, writing and other life skills. These include (but are not limited to):

Bilateral co-ordination
Visual motor tracking
Crossing the midline
Pincer grasp
Planning and sequencing

How Do We Do It?

Our studio is not the traditional ‘bright and busy’ studio environment. We have deliberately retained a low-key, calm and organic look and feel to our space.  This means there is less visual input to cause overload or to distract.

Our Wall of Fame, which features previous art projects, is screened off from the main workroom.

Our location is quiet and peaceful and our visitors tell us they can’t help but relax.

Just around the corner from the studio is the Millpond, with a lovely play area right next to it. There are swings, a slide and a climbing frame, along with a woodland walk. This could provide the sensory input appropriate to the individual, prior to visiting the studio.

Building Life Skills

Every client is unique and we therefore tailor our approach to suit. We have found that engagement is increased when the client has an interest in the subject, so that is what we do. If they like unicorns, we do unicorns. If they like volcanoes, we do volcanoes.

More fun = more engagement = more progress.

As progress is made, and confidence grows, our clients tend to be more receptive to trying new things.

We use equipment such as a Safe Space, weighted blanket, gym ball, therabands etc, which means that we can use the senses to help our clients to concentrate and focus and therefore make progress. Arts and crafts can be a fun activity when delivered in the right way for the individual. 

We are 100% committed to providing an excellent service to our clients and fulfilling their individual needs.

Our Mission

We are totally committed to helping those in need to build life skills through art, and, in turn, to help build good mental wellbeing.

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Our History

We have spent several years developing our individualised coaching programme, and our excellent results speak for themselves.

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Our People

We are a husband and wife team.

Nikki looks after our clients and continuously develops their individualised coaching programme as well as delivering all our classes.

Des looks after the technology and social media whilst also working full time elsewhere.

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Everything we do in life needs underlying skills in order for us to be able to do it.

Writing a letter, making a cup of tea, eating with cutlery or self-organisation – our track record shows that we can help with building these skills through our arts and crafts classes.

We build life skills through art with the following conditions

Mental Wellbeing


Sensory Processing



Fine Motor Skills

Multiple Sclerosis

Our Latest News

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Nikki is incredibly special to our family, in particular to our 5 year old little boy. Nikki is so patient, kind and understanding. Everyone is always welcome and the sense of belonging really comes across to parents that can sometimes feel very isolated. Nikki's artistic techniques are superb and really work the fine motor skills in child-friendly, fun ways. We wouldn't be without her!

I found Nikki's love for all arts & crafts shone through. She has a wonderful rapport with my daughter, she was patient, understanding & relaxed which set for a wonderful craft session. My daughter was unaware of the additional benefits that Nikki worked in seamlessly to the session but the outcome was a much more relaxed, calm & happy little girl. Can't recommend her highly enough for all your glittery needs!

As a special education teacher I use the craft/art activities I see on Sensational Creations within my classroom. I love how the activities promote body awareness and build strength with muscle control in a fun way. The kids don't realise they are engaging in more than just art. It's fantastic!
AC - Australia

Thank you so much Sensational Creations for sharing such great art and craft projects. I'm not naturally creative in that area but have been inspired to try some of these things at home with my children. Keep up the great work!
VA - France

Would like to thank you for all your ideas. After following your page and doing the projects at home, my 9 year old son, for the first time ever, has written his Christmas cards to friends and teachers.
CN - United Kingdom


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