About Us

What We Do

We use a wide range of targeted developmental techniques during the course of doing arts and crafts projects, in order to work on the skills needed for reading, writing and other life skills. These include (but are not limited to):

Bilateral co-ordination
Visual motor tracking
Crossing the midline
Pincer grasp
Planning and sequencing

How Do We Do It?

Our studio is not the traditional ‘bright and busy’ studio environment. We have deliberately retained a low-key, calm and organic look and feel to our space.ย  This means there is less visual input to cause overload or to distract.

Our Wall of Fame, which features previous art projects, is screened off from the main workroom.

Our location is quiet and peaceful and our visitors tell us they can’t help but relax.

Just around the corner from the studio is the Millpond, with a lovely play area right next to it. There are swings, a slide and a climbing frame, along with a woodland walk. This could provide the sensory input appropriate to the individual, prior to visiting the studio.

Building Life Skills

Every client is unique and we therefore tailor our approach to suit. We have found that engagement is increased when the client has an interest in the subject, so that is what we do. If they like unicorns, we do unicorns. If they like volcanoes, we do volcanoes.

More fun = more engagement = more progress.

As progress is made, and confidence grows, our clients tend to be more receptive to trying new things.

We use equipment such as a Safe Space, weighted blanket, gym ball, therabands etc, which means that we can use the senses to help our clients to concentrate and focus and therefore make progress. Arts and crafts can be a fun activity when delivered in the right way for the individual.ย 

We are 100% committed to providing an excellent service to our clients and fulfilling their individual needs.