[tek_testimonials tt_image_layout=”without-image” tt_navigation_color=”white-navigation” tt_autoplay=”auto_on” tt_autoplay_speed=”5000″ tt_stoponhover=”hover_on” tt_touchdrag=”touchdrag_on”][tek_testimonials_single tt_quote=”Nikki is incredibly special to our family, in particular to our 5 year old little boy. Nikki is so patient, kind and understanding. Everyone is always welcome and the sense of belonging really comes across to parents that can sometimes feel very isolated. Nikki’s artistic techniques are superb and really work the fine motor skills in child-friendly, fun ways. We wouldn’t be without her!” tt_title=”OD” tt_position=”UK”][tek_testimonials_single tt_quote=”I found Nikki’s love for all arts & crafts shone through. She has a wonderful rapport with my daughter, she was patient, understanding & relaxed which set for a wonderful craft session. My daughter was unaware of the additional benefits that Nikki worked in seamlessly to the session but the outcome was a much more relaxed, calm & happy little girl. Can’t recommend her highly enough for all your glittery needs!” tt_title=”BL” tt_position=”UK”][tek_testimonials_single tt_quote=”As a special education teacher I use the craft/art activities I see on Sensational Creations within my classroom. I love how the activities promote body awareness and build strength with muscle control in a fun way. The kids don’t realise they are engaging in more than just art. It’s fantastic!” tt_title=”AC” tt_position=”Australia”][tek_testimonials_single tt_quote=”Thank you so much Sensational Creations for sharing such great art and craft projects. I’m not naturally creative in that area but have been inspired to try some of these things at home with my children. Keep up the great work!” tt_title=”VA” tt_position=”France”][tek_testimonials_single tt_quote=”Would like to thank you for all your ideas. After following your page and doing the projects at home, my 9 year old son, for the first time ever, has written his Christmas cards to friends and teachers.” tt_title=”CN” tt_position=”United Kingdom”][/tek_testimonials]